Artist Statement

My medium of passion is watercolor. It's transparent quality allows me to create both light or deeply saturated blended images. Being a purist, I use just the surface of the paper to create white. I also employ distilled water to limit any impurities which may impact the color.

My pallet is only limited by my imagination. I exclusively use "Windsor Newton" professional watercolors. I love the features of Arches "Cold Press", and depending on the size of the original I will use either 140 lb or 300 lb weight.

I strive to create paintings which emulate my love for all aspects of nature. Be that the new green of spring, or the bright colors of fall. Creations of the human mind are not neglected, colors, contrast and patterns are sought for their beauty. I hope, whomever views my work, will share in my awe and fascination of the complexity and beauty of the world all around us.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wine & Cheese Exotique Durham March18th, 2011

Exotique Wine and Cheese March 18th, 2011

What a wonderful evening! The owner of Exotique and staff went all out. Great wines, fabulous cheeses, and surrounded by terrific friends. I will always hold close in my heart my first Solo Art Show.

Warm thanks to everyone.

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